Ever heard the phrase "Don't Monday my Sunday"???? NO ....funny we hadn't either until one Sunday afternoon we were sitting around having a cocktail by the pool and my hubby Ben decided to start talking all about Monday and those very words came out of my mouth. The phrase took off with our family and friends and is used in our daily vocabulary to express our belief of living life like an endless weekend.  This phrase is an expression of our perception of life... Live it freely... don't put off what you want to do today and be true to that lifestyle.  My beautiful mother passed away not long ago from a battle with cancer and it taught us all that life is a precious commodity.  We need to take full advantage of surrounding ourselves with love, living, and life.  Be vulnerable, take chances, grow and try to be better. This brand is a statement of a lifestyle and attitude to take life for what it is...precious and no guarantee of a tomorrow.  

We made a few shirts for our family trips and due to the overwhelming response we received from people when we wore them we decided to officially start Endless Weekend Apparel with our trademarked saying "Don't Monday My Sunday".  If you love the weekend or our saying strikes a feeling in you then join us and become an Endless Weekender. 



Please CONTACT US we would love to hear from you.  (239) 986-1336 or email Marybeth@DontMondayMySunday.com 



We truly believe that Endless Weekend is more than a brand, it is a way of life. A community of like-minded individuals who understand that life is short and should and sweet.

We believe in the weekend.

We believe that too many people get caught up in mundane tasks and lose focus on what's truly important.

We believe that happy hour should not be limited to a two-hour window.

We know that the idea of the weekend is what gets most of us through the week.

Endless Weekend Apparel is clothing that speaks to your soul! So when you're ready, JOIN us and be a weekender living life happy.