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Who is the DMMS Crew?

Lots of people ask: Who is the DMMS Crew?

We are the DMMS Crew, we're 2 couples that are neighbors and friends from different parts of the county and different back grounds.  That all found each other through our endless desire to live in the now and enjoy having fun.  We love the beach, ocean, exercise and everything related to them.

If you live in or around Cape Coral, FL you probably know us.  If you've visited the beaches of Cabbage Key, Captive, Upper Captive, Cayo Costa, Boca Grande or Sanibel  you have probably seen us.

If you see us out don't shy away, come over, hang with us.  We are just 4 people that like to have fun, live in the now and love the weekend.






DMMS is about more than us, it means something a little different to everyone.  What does it mean to you?

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