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VitaRide is officially open in Cape Coral and I'm LOVING it!

VitaRide in Cape Coral is open at the Surfside shops!  Their soft opening was November 2020 and they just had their grand opening the first weekend in January 2021.   Wanted to give a shout out to the beautiful facility that is super convenient to Sandoval residents and other surrounding communities. They are also offering a plethora of shots that will help to enhance your overall health.   

The experience is a great one and I am in love with it!    They have this cool oil infused cold towels to grab half way through your workout to cool you off and refresh you.  It also helps with the stinky sweat smell.  The instructors are kicking my but back into shape.   Helping with my legs and lower body keeping me strong for the other types of activities like skiing, running, swimming, and hiking!


You have to check out the MyZone heart rate monitor that helps with pushing you to the limits and also seeing everyone else's results up there motivates you to push a little harder to get the absolute best result from your workout. It has more accuracy then your watch for your overall heart rate and calories burned.  Easy to use and syncs with your phone with workouts.  Definitely a must have if you are looking to increase your overall endurance and push your fitness workout to the limits to have the best effect for your body.

The spinning classes are 45 minutes and you can really burn a lot of calories whilelistening to some great tunes and awesome energy to keep you going!   Make sure if you are in the Cape to check them out!  Your first class is free.



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