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True Meaning of LIFE

True Meaning of LIFE

You may need a cocktail for this one because we are going to go deep...real deep...Gut check deep.

"The True Meaning of Life"

Isn't Everyone as equal as everyone else? Why don't people have our best interest at hand?  Not sure why all of sudden we have this belief that if someone has more they are better or our jealousies get ahead of us and don't want to see people succeed to cover up our own inefficiencies or our own choices?   

When we share the story of Don’t Monday My Sunday it makes people smile, it makes people happy, it makes people think about what life means to them, it reminds people to slow down, and it equalizes us.

We think that is a pretty powerful purpose and if that is all we do here at DMMS is to get you to share a smile or a laugh in a day,  we feel that we are contributing to your happiness in return you are contributing to ours.

Lots of love to you ALL on this glorious Monday. Have fun, Be safe and Be kind.

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