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Recap: TOUR de CURE and DTSP Shenanigans

Tour de Cure of South Florida was last weekend and we rode in it with some neighbors and friends.  We entered a small team under Don't Monday my Sunday® and raised a bunch of money to help cure Diabetes. Thank you so much to all that donated and supported the team.

It was a great ride through St Petersburg.  The course stared and ended in Downtown St Pete and our route (65 miles) took us out and through Fort De Soto Park.

The ride was Sunday morning so of course Saturday night we hit Downtown for some beer and shenanigans.  We started on 1st Ave at Parks & Rec, great place to start considering the cornhole and giant beer pong, not to mention the "Dranks" and huge beer selection.  From there we basically pub crawled toward the Yatch Basin taking in as much of the local flavor as we could.


I'll spare the details of the ride but it was awesome and next year we're hoping to increase the size of the team and the donation so if you are a rider and want to be a part of the team hit us up.


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