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Super Bowl Slammer Drink Recipe

Super Bowl Slammer Drink Recipe

Looking for a new drink idea for the big game? The Super Bowl Slammer is quick fun little recipe that you can whip up to kick off the game and get everyone in the spirit. With a little extra you can add to the whole experience by doctoring up the mason jars or cups with football laces.


The recipe is below, everything can be purchased through the links if you want,  just click on them. All items come from amazon or Drizzly Alcohol Delivery (Drizzly is same day delivery).



  1. Combine all ingredients and service over ice


Now for the extra: Football laces on the cups. We love using Mason Jars & White Adhesive Vinyl

These mason jars with handles are perfect and come with a straw friendly lid.



White vinyl will work best but you can use white duct tape if needed (it just will not be smooth).


 We found this recipe on shakedrinkrepeat.com we definitely recommend checking them out they have some great ideas!

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