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Starfish symbolism, totem, and meaning

Continuing our love of sea creatures is the Starfish. The meaning behind the starfish is one that relates to so many of as we travel our path in life.

Feeling the Flow - Loving the Vibe


Starfish Symbolism:

The star as well as the starfish are seen as celestial symbols.  They represent infinite divine love. In addition to love, the starfish also holds characteristics such as guidance, vigilance, inspiration, brilliance and intuition.

The starfish spirit animal teaches you to cure yourself over time, fill up the void, and replace it with something better. It symbolizes regeneration, renewal, and self-sustainability. 

When you call on your starfish spirit animal and totem you move through life doing most things in your own unique way. You trust your instincts and have the innate ability to discern new possibilities and opportunities. You have the ability to follow your inner voice and heart to achieve your goals and desires. You have a tendency to see things either as black or white, up or down, right or wrong and occasionally will judge others with this criteria rather than recognizing that all things are usually balanced somewhere in the middle.

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I was drawn to a starfish necklace, I felt some kinda of connection to it, after looking up the connection and meaning I see why.

Donna Smith

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