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St. Patrick's Day is around the corner!

St. Patrick's Day is rapidly approaching and now it the time to start planning. We we doing the t-shirts a little differently this St. Paddys Day which we'll explain below but first I'd like to take a trip into the past. 

St. Patricks Day last year.  We were sitting at the local bar just wanting to have a little green beer and relax.  St. paddy's day was on Tuesday last year and there was only one other table with people at the entire place.  We had taken off of work a little earlier so it was around 4pm.  We ordered a beer, couldn't get green beer because they chose not to do it that year and we sitting on the patio.  About 30 minutes later the bartender comes out and says "OK guys that's it.  Sorry we have to kick you out."  Yup! Florida / Lee County shut down all restaurants and bars due to COVID on St Patrick's Day.  So when I say this year St Patty's day is going to be sooooooooo much better; I can't be wrong.

Back to the present...This year we did a St Paddy's Day board for the designs.  There are 6 designs to choose from so when you are on the product you select your design, style of shirt (v-neck, crew neck, or 3/4 sleeve raglan) and the size.  Both the v-neck and crew neck t-shirts are light green and the raglan has green sleeves with a white heather front and back.




So just to recap:
To purchase, follow the link to the product page
  1. Select Your Size: S-XL
  2. Select Your Style: V-NECK, CREW NECK, RAGLAN
  3. Select the Design
  4. Done!


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