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Smokey Maple Peach Old Fashioned

This is a twist on the peach old fashioned that we have been enjoying. We are gonna smoke the glass first to add and additional complexity to the flavors.  We have been seeing more and more smoked cocktails popping up at our favorite watering holes and we like the favor so we thought we share this one.  Everything can purchased by CLICKING the links or on the pictures even the alcohol (delivered by drizzly within 2 hours)


Smokey Maple Peach Old Fashioned



  1. To get the smokey taste you first have to smoke the glass. There are 2 ways to do this: first you can use a flavored plank or the 2nd method is to use flavored wood chips on a plain plank.  Take a torch lighter to the plank or the wood chips (whichever you are using) until there is small fire about 1 inch, then put the glass over the flame, this will put the flame out and then cause smoke to fill the glass. Leave the glass for 30 seconds (longer for a more smokey taste.
  2. Flip the glass over and add ice, bourbon or rye whiskey, cherry, peach and then maple syrup.  Swirl the drink with a bartenders spoon.  The cherry will add sweetness so depending on your tastes you may want lighten up on the amount of syrup or skip it all together
  3. Enjoy

There is a video below of that demonstrates how to light the board or chips on fire. We recommend setting the plank on fire in a non flammable spot, we use a cookie / baking tray just to be safe.

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