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Spring Break 2021

Spring Break 2021

We went to Heavenly Ski Resort and it was RAD!  The trip was amazing, the conditions were excellent but it was not without it's challenges.  Heavenly is located on the south side of Lake Tahoe which makes the views absolutely gorgeous.  The ski resort is split down the middle with half being in California and half being in Nevada.




There are no direct flight to Reno (the closest airport) about an hour drive away from the mountain from Ft Myers.  Our original flight went through Denver but a huge storm hit them dropping over one foot snow at the airport so our flight was cancelled and we were re-routed through Chicago. No biggie, but added an extra hour of travel time. So we had about 8 hours total travel time with mandatory masks, self out flights and no food or drink service on the planes.  In addition to the 3 hour time change it also happened to be the day we spring forward for daylight saving so our internal clocks were totally messed up.

When we arrived Day 1 California restaurants and shops were open at 25% and Nevada was open at 35% and the California side was not taking dinning reservations.  On Day 3 California raised to 35%, some smaller places were "to go" only but the weather in the Heavenly Village was so pleasant that we sat outside for Apres Skis and dinner most of the time.  That's one of the things I love about spring skiing but Tahoe in particular.  The Village has a gondola in center of it that takes you up to the middle portion of the mountain, where you can then go left or right depending on which side of the mountain you want to ski (California or Nevada). The village has little to no snow because it is 20 degrees warmer than being on the mountain.  




 Another cool thing that happened on Day 3 was we had some like minded friends fly out and join us. So Zack and Ben both got their buddies to hand out with.


 The skiing was great, they got 5 inches of snow the day after we arrive and another 5 inches two days before we left so we got two good powder days of skiing this trip (Ben was in heaven).  Day 4 was St. Patricks day, the guys all wore shirts, Allura and I got a massage, then we all met up for some drinks and live music.  The duo singing was really good and we even got them to do some John Denver in honor of our friend Kerstan.  We'll definitely be back for some more spring skiing!  Check the video below Ben made.



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Looking good.
I can remember my Pring Break from college at Lake Tahoe and Heavenly

Terri P

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