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Microfiber Beach Towels Will Change Your Life

Microfiber Beach Towels Will Change Your Life

One of our newest items for summer is the beach towel.  These microfiber towel are taking the market by storm, they are all you see on facebook and amazon.  I have to admit we were a bit skeptical at first having never know anything other the traditional beach towel but these are a game changer!



They are super absorbent so they dry everything quickly including hair and bathing suit.  There are far superior to the standard towel in that respect.

Not only do they dry you quickly but because they are so thin they dry quickly.   Most towels after a long day at the beach or on the boat get what we call perma-damp where it is impossible to get them complete dry with hanging them for hours or running them through the washer and dryer.

Unlike traditional towels they are lightweight and very compact so you can put a bunch of them in a small space without having to pack an extra bag just for towels.  And because they dry quickly you not lugging home a bunch of damp towels.

Sand resistant! Yes when dry it feels like they actually repel the sand.  If you are an avid beach goes this towel is a must.

Our towels are oversized so they measure about 35 by 70 inches.  This does not seem like a huge size difference over the normal 30 by 60 inch towels but it makes a world of difference if you are laying on them at the beach (and sand-resistant).




Both versions of our towel the Don't Monday my Sunday and the Endless Weekend have a loop on one corner that can be use to hang the towel up or to wrap around it if you roll the towel up to put in your beach bag.

After using them for while now we love these towels. Once you get used to the feel of them and it is different than using a traditional towels you will never go back to traditional towels.




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