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Project 2021 Hydration

Are you like me and struggle with hydration?  How much should I drink, How much did I drink....ugggg!!!!   With the hustle and bustle of our daily lives we forget to hydrate.  Sometimes we can't because we feel that strong urge to pee and we have meetings and things we have to do and can't let going to the bathroom slow us down.  Well you are doing a very big disservice to your vehicle that gets us through life.  You are depleting it, you are making your body retain water causing all sorts of complications..the list goes on and on.  Overall, I know these things but still couldn't get into a good habit of hydration and carrying water around with me all day.

 My daughter found this bottled joy and it has goals of times of the day on it.  honestly it is quite simple and you could make your own with a gallon jug but i'm a woman and I like cool creative things to achieve better health.

You can buy it in 1/2 and full gallons.  It is available on amazing and I've seen them from 13.99-23.99 CHECK PRICE depending on the color option you choose.  My system is filling it up the night before so there is absolutely no excuse in the morning and you start to drink once you get up!  I started this last week and have successfully managed hydration.  Overall, I feel better the scale has gone 3 lbs. which I can guaratee you was all water retention.  Here is to Hydration Project 2021!  



If you feel your in the need...please check it out at amazon!

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