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Mango Mojito with our Shipwreck Mango Rum

Mango Mojito with our Shipwreck Mango Rum

We were on the island of St Kitts recently and picked up a bottle of Mango Rum from Brinley Gold Shipwreck a local distillery.  We had an amazing trip but we'll save that for another post.  One of our favorite lighter rum drinks of the Mojito, I don't like them overly sweet so ordering them out can be difficult because of the simple syrup.  Armed with this bottle of mango rum was the perfect solution.



  1. Muddle mint leaves in the glass (use more or less depending on how minty you like it, I typically unless)
  2. Add Ice
  3. Add 1.5oz Mango Rum (I like them on the strong side any usually use 2oz)
  4. Fill with Club Soda
  5. Squeeze lime wedge and add to glass
  6. Stir and enjoy

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