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Posted on September 10 2017

Our DMMS family lives in Cape Coral Florida which was a direct target for Hurricane Irma after approaching the Keys.  We did choose to watch the storm and we were mandatory evacuated yesterday and decided to head East to Del Ray Beach to stay with friends.  The roads were clear but no gas stations and everything boarded up.  Kind of Eerie.  We have tons of Framily traveling all throughout Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and many other locations to stay during this Gigantic Forceful Storm Irma. We had recently gone away with lots of our friends to Cudjoe Key this past summer for fourth of July...well guess what that is where Irma made landfall and then headed directly to our homes in Cape Coral Florida.  The best thing is to be safe and really prepare for the worst and hope for the best!  Wishing you all the best and hoping safety and health stay with you through this storm!  Love to you all and Don't let Irma Monday YOUR Sunday!


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