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Spooky Cool Shimmering Liqueur for Halloween Cocktails

Spooky cool shimmery cocktail for Halloween.  You may have seen these shimmering liqueurs before and we found how to make them on Pinterest.  

The magical ingredient is luster petal dust.  Luster petal dust can be found at special baking stores or like everything else in the world on Amazon.

  • Gold Petal Dust - Yellow Liqueur
  • Green Petal Dust - Green Liqueur
  • Blue Petal Dust - Blue Liqueur
  • Red Petal Dust - Red Liqueur
  • Pink Petal Dust - Pink Liqueur
  • Silver Petal Dust - Grey Liqueur (the author recommends adding the silver with another color like blue or green for a darker combination with a silver tint)

Overall making the shimmery liqueur is easy and only takes 3 ingredients: Clear Liquor like vodka or rum, simple syrup, luster petal dust.


    • 1 Cup Vodka - Any flavor you like 
    • 1/3 to 1/2 Cup Simple Syrup - This is the sweetness so more or less depending on you taste preference.
    • 1/4 tsp luster petal dust
      1. Mix the vodka and simple syrup thoroughly.
      2. Stir in the luster petal dust.
      3. Swirl the liqueur before use.  The dust will settle at bottom of a period of time.
      4. Chill until you're ready to drink.

    Luster petal dust comes in two types: Food Approved or non-toxic.  We obviously recommend using the food approved for your cocktails.

    From your spooky, cool liqueur you can make a wide variety of Halloween cocktails.

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    I need a high % alcohol to mix with petal dust to color icing/fondant? Is this what I need or can you suggest something?

    Vicki Rushing

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