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Halloween Rummy Worms

Halloween Rummy Worms

It's October again and I think even more than kids, the adults need a Halloween!  As many of you know for years we have been a fan of handing out candy to trick or treaters as well as a special option for the above 21 crowd.  This is simple and always a favorite....Rummy Worms.  We've done bears in the past but lately we like the worms more, they are a little easier to portion out and seem  more in line with the spooky spirit.

Here is the recipe including links to have the worms delivered from Amazon and the alcohol delivered from Drizly (we love this service).  There are a few tips that I will add in after the ingredients.


  1. Large (5 lbs) pack of Gummy Worms  >> CLICK HERE TO BUY << 
  2. Bottle of Dark Rum   >> CLICK TO BUY BACARDI DARK RUM <<



48 hours before put the bag of gummy worms in the refrigerator. 24 hours before put all the gummies in to a large bowl.  Pour the entire bottle of Rum over the Gummies and then put the bowl back in the refrigerator.  Stir the gummy worms every couple hours so the one on top get to the bottom and vice versa.  Keeping them in the refrigerator help preserve the shape and consistency of the gummy.

We keep them in a covered bowl all night and use a scoop to portion them out into little dixie cups for everyone.  We also keep a garbage gap taped up to the table (6' folding table) this way we can easily get everyone to throw out their trash.


Tip 1 - Don't waste your money on the expensive, fancy gummy worms or bears.  They tend to break down easier in the alcohol and become a mess when it's time to portion them out or distribute them.

Tip 2 - If you use dark rum you don't have to flavored rum.  Some prefer the flavored rum like vanilla but they come out great with just dark rum.  Do not use white or silver rum!

Tip 3 - You do not need to spend alot on the rum. Cruzan, Malibu, Bacardi all have inexpensive Dark Rums that are perfect. If you are a real rum connossier do for the good stuff but there is so much sugar from the gummies that most will not notice the difference. 







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