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Floating Ship Cooler - My New Favorite Friend

It feels like we bring a cooler almost everywhere but our newest edition to the cooler collection has a very specific purpose. It floats, so its our new chillax in the pool or take to the sandbar cooler.  We first saw these when one of our friends brought it out on the boat to Cayo Costa.  It seemed cool but a little gimmicky.  After thoroughly testing it...drinking...I was impressed. A cooler only has to do so many things in my option. 

  1. Maintain ice for a long enough period in the sun and heat of Florida.
  2. Hold the proper amount of beverages for it's intended use.



 The S.S. Goodlife Floating Cooler 

Here is why it works for me!  It's not the biggest cooler it will hold about 18 beers with ice.  You can get a bottle of champagne in there if needed but since i'm only using it in the pool or floating in the gulf (lake, ocean, etc) 18 drink is more than enough for a couple people and you get some waters in there too.   

There is no way I can drink that much of anything without have to use the restroom anyway.  That also creates a chance to fill up the cooler or top it off with ice if necessary.  

I floats perfectly and for the most part level if packed correctly.  It has the two cup holders on top for my beverage.  There is a spot so you can attach it to yourself, the boat, or anything else nearby.


Another thing I like about it when using for boating it that you always have a big cooler on the boat but when you pull up to island or sandbar etc. it's handy to have a little something you can grab and take with you.  This way you don't have to constantly walk back to the boat or carry a backup that always gets warm before you can drink it.



Here are some picks of the SS Goodlife Floating Cooler

  • Made of high-quality closed-cell foam
  • Accommodates ice and up to 18 beverages
  • Approximate dimensions: 23” L x 17“ W x 9-1/2” thick
  • Foam construction keeps the kooler level in water
  • Two convenient cup holders









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