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I am a medium to high handicaper and despite getting in at least 1 round a week during COVID I remain a mid to high handicap.  Don't get me wrong, I've improved quite a bit but my regular foursome came about from the love of two things, golfing and drinking.  In fact we have a lot of rules to our game that revolve around drinking most notably the CHULLIGAN.  The way our chulligan works is at any time you may chug, shotgun or funnel (yes there was a time when we would bring a funnel in our bag) a beer to get a mulligan off the tee box. You can image when the dot game was close there were quite a few of these used.  If you are not familiar with the dot game it is basically a point system based off of achieving certain things on the hole, some people know it as junk. I'll go into all of our rules on a different post. This Father's Day I got one my buddies (the one who loves to funnel) the Big Beertha.  I saw the add on Facebook and it was one of those "I have to get this for him" moments. 



As a foursome of drinking and gambling degenerates the Big Beertha is must with our group, plus it looks a like a little tikes plastic club so that always gets a few laughs as well.  There is a video and some pics below.






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