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What is the true meaning of Don't Monday My Sunday? - DMMS

What is the true meaning of DMMS? Sure it's a fun saying Don't Monday my Sunday, use it when you don't want the party to end but the true meaning behind it is more along the lines of carpe diem. "Seize the day", live in the moment because no one truly knows what the future will bring.  You can spend your whole life putting off the things you want to try or do, telling yourself you will do them later.  For most people later never happens, it becomes a regret.  Something you think about down the road and say "I wish I had tried that" or you convince yourself you're too old or out of shape to do it now.  Don't live like that, go for it.  You could wake up one day and find out you have Cancer or some other debilitating disease and your entire life changes in the blink of an eye.  The recent loss of a loved one in the DMMS family has changed our perspective on life.  It has given us clarity on the important things in life and has been one of the driving factors in the Don't Monday My Sunday™ revolution. 

So if you see us at an event or just hanging on the beach Don't Monday our Sunday and whenever possible live life happy! 

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