Everyone NEEDS More Weekend! - FREE Shipping Orders Over $75
Everyone NEEDS More Weekend! - FREE Shipping Orders Over $75
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What is the true meaning of Don't Monday My Sunday? - DMMS

About DMMS

What is the true meaning of DMMS? Sure it's a fun saying Don't Monday my Sunday, use it when you don't want the party to end but the true meaning behind it is more along the lines of carpe diem. "Seize the day", live in the moment because no one truly knows what the future will bring.  You can spend your whole life putting off the things you want to try or do, telling yourself you will do them later.  For most people later never happens, it becomes a regret.  Something you think about down the road and say "I...

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SPF and UPF - What is the difference?

SPF Sun-Shirt UPF

SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is the first think many people think of when talking about sun protection and rightfully so with all the info out there about sunscreen, sprays and lotions etc.  UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) is a more recently developed term to describe the standards used to measure sun protection in fabrics. Originally many companies used SPF to describe how protective their fabrics were from the sun.  Since the FTC finalized the UPF standard many companies have started using the term UPF.  Use of the UPF standard is optional so many sun protective fabric makers still use the SPF system. SPF Rating...

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Pre-Launch Weekend at St Pete Beach

Memorial Day Weekend Pre-Launch Party St. Pete Beach

Back to St. Pete Beach for the annual Memorial Day bash.  We love this weekend, the beach there amazing and it always has one of the best crowds.  The girls were handing out free coozies i hope everyone got one.  For all of you that saw the Don't Monday My Sunday shirts, hats and koozies our Facebook page is launching this week, like it!   Keep your eyes open for the DMMS gear and always live life happy.

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